MADiSON: Elizabeth’s Memoirs Trophy Guide

Want to figure out how to get Elizabeth’s Memoris trophy in MADiSON? Check out this guide to find out.

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MADiSON is a great newly released horror game that is filled with a ton of collectibles and secret puzzles that you need to complete in order to receive different trophies and have some cool and interesting endings for the game.

This guide will show you how you can get the Elizabeth’s Memoris trophy in MADiSON!

Elizabeth’s Memoirs Trophy Guide – MADiSON

To obtain this trophy, you will firstly need to have obtained the 2 triangle keys that you will get as you follow the story of the game in order to get inside the room where the memory can be found.

Once you enter the area, the first thing that you will see on the right side on a small shelf will be a note. Simply interact with the note to read it and obtain this trophy.

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