MADiSON: Grandpa’s Tools Trophy Guide

Time to find out how you can get the “Grandpa’s Tools” trophy in MADiSON.

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MADiSON is a fantastic first-person POV horror game that will guide you through creepy churches and abandoned buildings. Inside these structures, you will find various monsters, scary builds, and even magical areas that will do crazy things if you take a picture of them with your camera.

This guide will show you how you can get the “Grandpa’s Tools” trophy in MADiSON.

Grandpa’s Tools Trophy Guide – MADiSON

To obtain this guide, you will need to be located at the locked well that’s placed behind the red door. Take the picture of the red door and you will see that the door has been covered in police lines.

After taking the picture, you can simply open the door and enter the area where the well is. On the right side of the police stripe, you will find the shovel that you can interact with and pick it up.

Simply walk over to the well and use it. After using the shovel on the well, you will obtain the “Grandpa’s Tools” trophy.

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