Check out this guide to know how you can solve the Grave Mystery in Marvel's Midnight Suns!

In Marvel’s Midnight Suns, you will come across the Unknown Grave Mystery earlier in the game. You may also encounter this when you look for the Notes on Hedge-Magic which we have also covered in a different guide. The grave is located near the walls of the Abbey in the Dreamer’s Descent area.

Solving the mystery will give players a reward chest. So, in this guide, we will walk you through how you can solve the Unknown Grave Mystery.

Grave Mystery Guide – Marvel’s Midnight Suns

The Unknown Grave Mystery’s objective is to locate the other three (3) dolls. As you have noticed, there is one (1) doll (Handmade Father Doll) on the stone grave, in order to solve the mystery, you must find the other three (3) dolls and place them on the stone grave.

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The following are the locations of the other three (3) dolls:

  • Handmade Hunter Doll. From the grave, proceed to the path on the right leading you up to somewhere that looks like an eating area. The doll should be on the table. You can also get the Notes on Hedge-Magic there.
  • Handmade Caretaker Doll. From the grave, proceed to the east, the path on the right because the path on the left will lead you back to the Abbey. The doll can be found at the end of the path on the table.
  • Handmade Lilith Doll. The third (3rd) and last doll is located near the Standing Stones. From the Stone Terrace, follow the path and then turn right. The doll is inside a wooden barrel in the first den that you will find upon turning right.

Once you have all the dolls, go back to the grave and place all the dolls that you found. Solving this will reward you with an arcane chest. Please note that you will need an Arcane Key to open the chest.

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