Marvel’s Midnight Suns: How To Break Walls

Check out this guide to see how you can break walls and gain hidden rewards for Marvel's Midnight Suns!

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If you want to be breaking down walls to be getting the very cool rewards and loot chests they have behind them, you will need to do a couple of things first.

In this guide, we shall be showing you what you need to do. Let’s get started.

How To Break Through Walls – Marvel’s Midnight Suns Find Seal Fragments

This is what the walls are looking like inside the world of Marvel’s midnight Suns. if there is a crack in the middle it means that you are able to go across it only if you break it into pieces.

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To be able to break it however you shall need to do a certain type of skill. That skill is called Word of Power Break. It will be the most left one on the cross that you will get inside the skills power list.

To be able to unlock this Power Word you shall need to just progress through the story long enough. You will get all of the 3 power words first until you can finally unlock this one.

So that means you will unlock the Reveal, Open and Purify and only then you shall be able to unlock this one.

Then you shall need to go around the world map and find a total of 3 Seals.

First Seal Location

This is where you shall need to come to be able to find the First Seal. here you will just look around the rocks and on the very last rock that you can walk around on the wooden platform is where you will find the Seal.

This is what it looks like.

Second Seal Location

This is the location for the second seal which is inside the Garden of Envy. Just enter it and then take the road on the right that will take you over the fence and to the top of the little pathway on the mountain.

Third Seal Location

Just get inside this very big cave that can be found at the very end of the map. Here you will just walk all the way to the end of the tunnel and you will find it.

That’s all that you need to know about breaking walls down in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. We hope that this guide has helped you out on what you need to do. Have fun doing it yourself!

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