Max Armor Build: Core Keeper

Check out the best armor build in Core Keeper!

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Core Keeper has a ton of equipment that you can use that will buff you throughout the game. Armor is one of the essential status points that you can have and is needed to protect yourself against enemies. There are specific items in the game which give you more armor and protect you.

This guide will show you the best armor build in Core Keeper.

Max Armor Build: Core Keeper

To complete this armor build, you will need to reach the end-game progress. The end-game progress will allow you to obtain higher-quality items.


There are important skills that you need to level in order to reach the highest tanking potential.

The first skill that you want to upgrade for this build is the “Breaking barriers 5/5” skill. This skill will give you +5.0% armor of each current movement speed increase. So if you eat a movement speed food, you will also gain +5.0% armor

The second skill that you can use for your build is situational. In the Crafting section, you will find the “Unbreakable” skill. Leveling up this skill to 5/5 will give you +30% armor while at low health.

This is good because you will automatically unlock crafting to the fullest and gain +50% armor.


You want to equip your character with two “Ring of Rock” and a “Polished Iron Chunk Necklace”.

All these items combined together will give you 111 armor if you have the crafting skill unlocked to the maximum.

For helmet, armor, and leggings you want to equip yourself with:

  • Scarlet Helmet (+12 Armor)
  • Scarlet Breastplate (+19 Armor)
  • Scarlet Pants (+16 Armor)

Holding up this equipment so far will get you up to 224 armor.

With the newest reinforcement feature, you want to head over to your crafting station and reinforce your equipment which will give you extra armor.

Reinforcing your equipment will bump your armor to 240 points.

On your Off-Hand, you will want to obtain and equip the “Toxic Defender”. This item is obtained by killing Ivy the Poisonous Mass.

The item itself gives you +17 Armor. With the skills obtained, you will bump your armor to 280 points.

Food Items

There are two interesting food combinations that you can make to increase your armor. If you can obtain golden food items that is even better, you will even get a chance to obtain Epic food item combinations.

Here are the two good combinations that you want to use:

  • Black Steel Urchin + Golden/Bomb Pepper = Epic Black Stone Dip Snack

This food item will get you +39 armor for 5 minutes.

  • Spirit Veil + Golden/Bomb Pepper = Epic Spicy Veil Fish Balls

This item will give you movement speed which will stack well with the skill that gives you extra armor on current movement speed increase.

You will also want to have some Stoneskin Potions with you and drink them.

Combining all the foods together and the potion will get you up to 534 points.

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