Maximum Mining Damage Build: Core Keeper

Let’s check out the best Mining Damage Build in Core Keeper!

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Core Keeper has a ton of different items and tools that you can equip and use. Each equipable item has its own buffs and debuffs. This gives the player an opportunity to make a good choice of what he wants to wear on his character and get his performance statistics to their highest peak. Mining Damage is useful in the game as it helps with speeding things up during mining and getting more loot.

This guide will show you the best Mining Damage Build in Core keeper.

Maximum Mining Damage Build: Core Keeper

The main useful bonus of this build is that you can break some annoying blocks much faster than before.

Larva Chest

The Larva Chest equipment will disguise you as a Larva if you have the two-piece set which is done by having the Larva Helmet. This chest piece will give you the following stats:

  • +27 Max Health
  • +14 Armor
  • 28 Mining Damage
  • -5.4% Movement Speed

You can obtain the Larva Chest by killing Ghorm the Devourer boss.

Larva Helm

The Larva Helm is the second set piece for the larva set, this also comes with some interesting stats related to mining damage, they are:

  • +20 Max Health
  • +10 Armor
  • +26 Mining Damage
  • -5.2% Movement Speed

You can obtain the Larva Helm by killing Ghorm the Devourer boss.

Caveling Pants

These pants will help you with having increased mining damage and protect you well, the Caveling Pants give the following stats:

  • +20 Max Health
  • +5% Dodge Chance
  • +8% Mining Damage

You can obtain these legs by simply farming random mobs in the wilderness.

Azeos Beak Necklace

This necklace helps a lot with mining damage, it gives the following stats:

  • +3 Life on Melee Hit
  • +41 Mining Damage

To obtain this Necklace, you need to defeat Azeos the Sky Titan boss.

Ancient Gem Ring

Equip two of the same rings to get the most out of your mining damage, these rings give the following stats:

  • +17% Critical Hit Damage
  • +62 Mining Damage

The Ancient Gem Ring can be obtained by mining walls, you must have the Archeologist Skill in order to have a chance at obtaining the ring.

Orb Lantern

This trinket will help you get increased mining damage and it’s available in the newest update of the game, the trinket gives the following stats:

  • +5 Glow
  • +9% Mining Damage

Once you have all of these items equipped, you will have a total of 880 mining damage. You can get a small boost of Mining Damage if you cook an Orange Cave Guppy with a Carrot.

With those two items cooked together, you will obtain an Orange Stone Dip Snack, this food will grant you +8 Mining Damage for 7 minutes and 30 seconds.

Ancient Pickaxe

This is the best pickaxe that you will need to use to get the most mining damage, the Ancient Pickaxe gives the following stats:

  • 82 – 100 Melee Damage
  • 2.5 Attacks Per Second
  • +354 Mining Damage
  • +7.8% Mining Speed

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