Check out this guide to learn more about fighting in Mech Armada.

Mech Armada is a role-playing indie game that will allow you to make certain strategies and defeat opponents. In this game, you will be creating mechanical robots that will act as an army in which you will rule the battlefield. Knowing the basics of fighting in this game is key into having the best Mech Armada!

This guide will show you all the tips and tricks for fighting in Mech Armada.

Fighting Guide – Mech Armada

Early Game

At the start of each game, you will have troubles. Winning will be hard and bosses will be much challenging. That is the point of the game when you first start.

It’s purposely made that way so players can constantly play quick early games to earn more and more rewards as they play and become stronger. As you play these games, you will unlock new features for your armada and improve it.

The first thing to do to speed up these games is by making the Speed Animation x3 faster to play more and skip animations, you can do that by going to the main menu section and changing the Animation Speed option to x3.

As you start the game, you will have basic mechs that are weak. Do not focus anything on them. Try to save up more money and materials for newer mechs that are stronger from the start. The new ones can be upgraded to make them stronger.

Use the weak mechs as bait to the monsters. Monsters will always target low-hp mechs firstly.

Save up your energy for higher-quality mechs when they need to be placed in the battlefield.

Mech Placement is key in this game. There are mechs that can give out bonuses to other mechs if they are placed in the right spot. Try to place the mech that gives out bonuses in the middle between all other mechs to make everyone more powerful.

The parts list is split into 3 different sections, they are:

  • Transport
  • Body Parts
  • Weapons

Always try to go for Body Parts first as you will need to survive much better in each battlefield against monsters.

Read out what each Body Part gives and use that one that suits your play style the best.


As you reach mid-game, you will need to begin focusing on weapons more. The weapons will now be needed as the newer waves of monsters will be stronger and have more health.

As you get close and closer to the middle of the arena, try to shoot monsters as much as possible. If they also begin slowly coming by, slowly retreat and shoot at the same time.


The end-game part of this game is when you begin meeting bosses. In this phase, you will need to have low cost mechs that will be used as bait and for extra turns. This will allow you to have your stronger mechs sitting in the back and dealing more damage to bosses.

Try to use mines against these bosses to keep your distance while also evading their attacks and constantly attacking them.

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