Having troubles locating the Save Files in Mech Armada? Check out this guide to find it!

Mech Armada is a role-playing indie game that will allow you to make certain strategies and defeat opponents. In this game, you will be creating mechanical robots that will act as an army in which you will rule the battlefield. The Save File location of this game for some people is hard to find. Not to worry!

This guide will show you the save file location for Mech Armada!

Save File Location – Mech Armada

The Save File location for this game is located in your “Roaming” folder. To get it, in your search bar you will need to write down:

  • %appdata%

Open up this folder, and there you will find the main “Mech Armada” folder that you can access.

Simply open the Mech Armada folder and inside you will be able to locate your save file. The save file will be called:

  • game.json

To open up the save file and edit it, simply right-click it and open it up with a notepad.

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