Feeling stuck in Metamorfose S? This guide will help you how to make the Ice Sword!

Metamorfose S is an indie 2D action-adventure game with a dash of RPG. In this game, you play as Sebastian, The Hero, who is actually an experiment created by Gerry, a scientist. Gerry created many other intelligent species that managed to escape and joined forces to attack humans. The goal of the game is to exterminate all the rogue experiments using crafted equipment made with enemy drops.

This guide will help you get the materials to make the Ice Sword.

Ice Sword Materials Guide – Metamorfose S

At this point in the game, you must be in Ice Area already and you want to craft the Ice Sword.

To craft the Ice Sword, you need to obtain the following materials:

  • Magic Stone Level 1 – can be found as you go around the map
  • Steel – dropped by enemies in the Jungle Area
  • Dragon Fangs – dropped by the Lagarsauro (large lizards) in the Jungle Area

Collect all these materials and you may now craft the Ice Sword!

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