Here you can learn everything about Healing in Mist Legacy!

Mist Legacy is an RPG where you will have a lot of characters to look after while traveling across a big wide open and vast world filled with dangers. To be able to survive longer, you’ll need to heal them.

That is why in this guide we will be talking about Healing and How to Obtain it. Let’s get started.

Healing Guide (How to Obtain) – Mist Legacy

Healing in Mist of Legacy is a must-know skill. You will be fighting with a lot of enemies so in order to be able to fight year another day you must heal your characters.

There are a couple of ways of how you’re able to get Healing into your party and how you’re able to actually heal up.

These are the best 2 ways of unlocking healing in Mist Legacy:

  1. A big tree may be found in the midst of a thick forest to the south-southwest and west of the first settlement. If you want to pick up the healing spell, you may circumnavigate the forest and head straight to the tree.
  2. A little home in the midst of nowhere can be found to the north-northwest of the first settlement. Inside this house, you will discover a book and several spells. In order to cast spells, you will need to equip both the book and the spell talent.

That is everything that you’ll need to know about How to Unlock and Obtain healing in Mist Legacy.

We hope that this guide has helped you out to recover your characters faster and keep on fighting those evil monsters! Good luck!

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