Mist Legacy: How To Get More Mists

Here you can learn How to Get More Mists in Mist Legacy!

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Mists in Mist Legacy is something that you’ll need to get constantly. It is something that will make you stronger and able to progress through the game’s story.

How do you get More Mists though? Well, in this guide we will be showing you how to do so. Let’s get started.

How to get More Mists – Mist Legacy

The simplest method of getting more Mists in Mist Legacy is by equipping your Lantern.

To equip your Lantern all that you’ll have to do is simply go to your inventory and find it where it is placed. Then you just click it on your character and you’ll have it.

Once you have a Lantern equipped you’ll be able to collect and Get More Mists.

That is everything that you’ll need to know about Getting More Mists in Mist Legacy! We hope that this guide was helpful and got you loads of Mists. Good luck!

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