Let's find out is Mist Legacy Pay to Win!

Mist Legacy has been quite some time out now and players have been wondering if the state of the grinding system has been improved or changed.

Well in this guide you will find out if it has, and if the game is still pay to Win. Let’s find out!

Is it Pay to Win? (Find Out!) – Mist Legacy

More or less Mist Legacy is as it was since the beginning. There have been just a couple of changes that change the difficulty of grinding but the time you will invest in grinding is still the same.

To get an item you might be spending literally hours. To get some good coins and currencies you will be going through days at times.

Unfortunately, not a lot has changed and Mist Legacy is still a very much Pay To Win kind of game.

You are able to do PvP with groups in order to get some easier and faster premium currencies to buy the items that you want to cut some time. But even if you do this method, it will be a very substantial amount of time to get anything done.

So if you’re thinking about playing Mist Legacy and actually enjoying yourself by buying the news sets of items and gears, well then real-life money spending will be the only way.

If there is an upcoming change that might do something about this grindy system we will be the first to let you know. But as of now, it doesn’t seem like anything is in the works. Happy grinding!

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