Mist Legacy: Recruiting Guide

Here you can find everything about Recruiting in Mist Legacy!

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Mist Legacy will have you building your own base as well as troops. In order to have troops to battle terrifying monsters, you’ll have to recruit them first though.

That is why in this guide we will be explaining How to Recruit in Mist Legacy. Let’s get started.

Recruiting Guide – Mist Legacy

Recruiting is a method of getting more soldiers or more people in your adventures. It is a very important aspect of Mist Legacy and if you don’t know how to do it, well you’ll be on your own and failing with each try to go forward.

Recruiting is a very simple task to do in Mist Legacy. All you’ll have to do is the following:

You will need to acquire a bed and a barracks in your home base. For Barracks and Beds, you can either buy it from the local market or you can learn the entire recipe in the town west of Kortombe – this is the first town that you’ll be going through.

After you have placed the Barracks you can just be clicking on it and then select whatever it is you want to recruit. It is a system that is very similar to the Donkey Recruiting one.

That is everything you need to know about Recruitment in Mist Legacy. We hope that this guide was useful and helped you build the strongest army in the world! Happy recruiting!

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