Mist Legacy: Stuck at Loading Screen Fix

Getting stuck in the loading screen and your game keeps crashing? Check out this guide to fix Mist Legacy!

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Mist Legacy has a unique system for giving skills to items. This system takes the properties of each crafting material and turns them into skills for items. A place where skills are important. You need a certain level of skill to explore forests, mountains, rivers, and even cities.

In this guide, we will be talking about How to Fix the being Stuck at the Loading Screen issue. Let’s get started.

Stuck at Loading Screen Fix – Mist Legacy

When trying to enter the game you might be experiencing some issues. The first big issue that you might be seeing is on the very first loading screen that you’ll encounter. You might get it to be stuck for a very long period of time.

The developers have been wondering what might be the cause for this issue and they are working on it at the very moment.

But since there’s not a proper fix at the moment we recommend trying these things first:

  • Restart the game – this is something that might help you out. Always try to reboot the game from the very core and then enter it again.
  • Restart your PC – if restarting the game didn’t help, well you might as well try to restart your full device. Restart it and re-enter the game as you would. Then when you would be on the loading screen you might enter the game.
  • Empty your Hard Drive – if your hard drive is full or almost full(at 95% storage or more) you might be seeing these issues too. So just empty out some space by uninstalling other games or maybe placing them on a USB drive for the moment.
  • Turn Off your AntiVirus – this has been a fix that has helped some players too. If your AntiVirus is active you will want to open it while in Gaming mode(most of the modern antiviruses should support this option). Or simply putting it into sleep or inactive mode for a couple of moments should suffice too.

If nothing from here works, you can always go ahead and directly email the developer of the game. His email is the following:

That is all we have right now! We hope that these couple of tricks have helped you out with the Stuck Loading Screen in Mist Legacy. Good luck!

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