My Time at Sandrock: Beginner Guide

Check out this beginner guide for My Time at Sandrock.

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My Time at Sandrock is an adventure open world game where you are on a different character and you try to rebuild the world all over again. The apocalypse in this game has already happened and you are now living 300 years after modern technology. As an open-world game, it can sometimes be difficult for players to know what they exactly need to do. Knowing the basics will help you get around much quicker.

This guide will show you all the beginning important things for My Time at Sandrock.

My Time at Sandrock: Beginner Guide


Building machines and crafting materials will be important in this game, as you are trying to improve and build towards higher-quality technologies. The first and most important part of this game is your recycler.

Each crafted item will require materials. The recycler is an object that will recycle scrap materials that you will find all around the map.

Your character also has a stamina bar right next to his health bar. The stamina bar is used for various activities such as mining, building, farming etc…

The stamina can be refilled by resting during the night or day. When you are out of stamina you can do different things like cleaning up, opening treasure chests or even run into tumble weeds that will give you resources once broken.

Treasure chests can be obtained anywhere around town in “hidden” areas.


The recycler will turn scrap items into craftable and useful items which will help you complete quests and get stronger in-game. This machine will cost water and some fuel items which you can put in yourself or press the “Auto-fill” button for it to go in automatically.

Salvage Yard

The Salvage Yard is the most important part of the game, this area is filled with junk that you can mine down and collect salvaged items. These salvaged items will go into the recycler and get you a lot of useful materials.

Hitting these tools will sometimes spawn a scorpion that you need to grab quickly. These scorpions are worth a good amount of money and will come in handy in the beginning of the game.

Mining the junk piles will sometimes grant you Data Discs which are needed for upgrading your research in this game. Upgrading the research station will grant you more machines which will help you expand your colony.


Your inventory will start to fill up quickly as you continue gathering more scrap parts and materials. If you like, you can expand your inventory by pressing the small “+” icon on one of the slots. That icon will show you how much it will cost for you to expand your inventory.

Gifts & Relationships

Gifts are also a great way to gain a positive reputation in your town and gain discounts from each vendor. You can always check out the official game website to see the gifts that each character likes.

Relationships in this game can be made with Bachelors or Bachelorettes. All of them have different things that they love, get into a relationship and go on adventures with your partner.

Skill Tree

The skill tree is something that will stick with your character all the time. As you level up, you will get skill tree points which you can use on a skill that you like.

There are 4 different main skills that you can choose, they are:

  • Gathering
  • Workshop
  • Combat
  • Social

Read out what each skill gives, I suggest sticking with the Workshop and trying to get the Fuel Saving Knowledge tree. This will reduce the cost of water and fuel for crafting materials.