My Time at Sandrock: How to Get Ghost Badges

Check out this guide to see how you can win at Critters in My Time at Sandrock!

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My Time at Sandrock is an amazing world builder game where you need to rebuild and re-colonize the world all over again. 300 years after the apocalypse is the time that you are now playing, and all modern technology has been wiped. There are many materials that you will obtain in this game, including the Ghost Badges.

This guide will show you how to get Ghost Badges in My Time at Sandrock!

My Time at Sandrock: How to Get Ghost Badges

To begin this adventure of obtaining Ghost Badges, you need to wait until it’s the 27th of summer. That is when an event will occur that you can collect ghost badges which you can trade-in for items.

These items can be used as equipment of decorative objects for your base.

You can complete simple quests such as one of the main quests called “Day of Memory Commissions“ and obtain 10 Ghost Badges.

The best way of obtaining these ghost badges is by playing the mini-game. The Mini-Game is ghost busters. There are two teams, they are:

  • Ghosts
  • Ghost Busters

The mini-game is split into 4 different rounds. Two of which you are a ghost, and two which you are a ghost buster.

As a ghost, you must run around the area and collect tokens. These tokens can be collected before the timer of the round hits 0. When the timer hits 0, you will need to be hidden.

As a ghost, try hiding in a natural area where ghost hunters will not suspect you. Try to blend in with nature.

As a ghost hunter, your duty is to catch all of these hiding ghosts. Before the preparation timer hits 0, you will have an arcade mini-game that you can play. This is a basic ball shooting game where you can break balls and obtain scanners through them.

These scanners will help you locate ghosts easier.

Once the timer is out, you will begin looking for the ghosts. Try to memorize how the area looked like, and if something is not right, search around with your scanner to see if there is a ghost nearby.

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