My Time at Sandrock: Stamina & Recovery Guide

Check out the Stamina & Recovery Guide for My Time at Sandrock!

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My Time at Sandrock is a life simulator game that will let you do many activities while exploring the huge world. Crafting, resource gathering, farming, and building are the key aspects to progress through the story of the game, which requires a lot of natural resources as you reach higher levels. The player character is taking a place as a Builder in the dilapidated oasis town of Sandrock, a rough desert environment, and attempts to rebuild the town to its original glory.

In this guide, we will tell you about Stamina & Recovery in my Time at Sandrock!

My Time at Sandrock: Stamina & Recovery Guide

In My Time at Sandrock you will need a lot of stamina to gather, mine, and forge all those materials you need to build your heart’s content.

Increasing Stamina Pool

On your first day at sandrock you are going to have about 300 stamina points and if you want to increase that, there are three different ways.

  1. Leveling up – every time you level up by gaining experience, you will also get points that can change stats to increase the level of your stamina.
  2. Placing Furniture – if you build or buy specific pieces of furniture they are going to give you a stat upgrade. Some of them will increase your stamina.
  • Knowledge Skill Trees – At level 5 you can unlock stamina knowledge and upgrade it to level 2 to get a total of 10% stamina points max. In addition, you can unlock the Yard knowledge skill that will increase the max stat from furniture by 10%.

Recovering Stamina

  1. Blue Moon Saloon – a local restaurant where you can go to eat and drink to get some stamina points in return.
  • Food on the go – meals that you can buy at shops or make yourself at a cooking station.
  • Knowledge skill trees – upgrade the skills from the gathering skill tree: Stamina Recovery Knowledge, Advanced Wood Knowledge, and Advanced Mining Knowledge.
  • Sleeping – the best way to recover your stamina is just to go to bed and sleep, the next day your stamina bar will be full.

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