Here is your pre-registration coupon!

Night Crows is a new game that is fantasy and reality-based that takes place in the Medieval times of the European World. It is created with Unreal Engine 5 so you can expect smooth gameplay and great graphics. For new players who are looking to use their Pre-registration coupon to get rewards.

In today’s guide I will show you how you can claim your rewards from your Pre-Registration Coupon and make your gameplay more fun. Let’s get to it! 

How To Use The Pre-Registration Coupon In Night Crows

Open Settings

Firstly, you have to go to the settings.

From the settings, you will then have to go to the account tab.

From there you will then click on the coupon and enter your coupon code.

The following coupon code for everyone to get the pre-registration reward is:


Confirm then proceed to your inbox and here you should see your Pre-Registration reward coupon.

Click on it and then click receive on the dialogue box.

Claim Your Rewards!

You will then go to your bag (inventory) and click use on the chest(s) you have received from your inbox and you should receive your pre-registration reward.

Hope you enjoyed today’s guide, Happy Gaming!

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