Nintendo Switch Sports: 12 Tips And Tricks

Want to learn some new combinations to improv your game skills in Nintendo Switch Sports? Let me help you!

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This post will show you some of the tips and tricks for Nintendo Switch Sports and will help you to be aware of the game’s mechanics and the palette of possible ways to pass the levels. Especially now when this game focuses so heavily on online play, improving your sports skills is more important than ever. Some of them are basic but not everybody knows them.

Nintendo Switch Sports: 12 Tips And Tricks

Soccer T.1-Follow The Mini-map And Ball Endings

Most of the Nintendo players focus on chasing the ball. That may slow you and turn your focus from the aim. So don’t chase the ball where it is try to move to the place where it falls.

Secondly, I suggest following and watching the mini-map to see the blank spaces which need to be filled, and help you easily get the ball. Watch the other players location and fill the empty spaces.

Most importantly is to follow where the ball will and, don’t blindly follow where the ball is moving, because the ball is always in motion and you may never catch it.

Soccer T.2 –Defense Is Everything

Always play defensively and make sure that your goal is always secured. Follow the map and locate all the players and there is no one guarding the goal, you should head back to your side and defend the ball.

As we all know the phrase: ,, defense is the best offense’’ so falling back to your field could lead you to a much more effective offense because you are changing the ball direction fast and that could charge you some points.

When changing the ball direction, see if there is anyone who could back up you and minimize the risks.

Soccer T.3-Teamwork Matters

Focus on teamwork! A very important and basic rule, but seems like not everybody respects it. Don’t attack alone pass the ball to your teammate and work together for a better score.

Also, watch the mini-map and support your mate when needed and give him some backup.

And don’t forget to swarm when some of your teammates score a goal, that’s also very important.

Volleyball T.1-Spiking Right

When it comes to volleyball timing and predicting your opponent’s moves so you can react properly at a time.

There is an extra move you can do to catch the other team of guards, so focus on the time when the opponent jumps and control your movement to stop them from getting points.

It’s the same when spiking. Jump early before your teammate sets the ball and do a super quick spike, surprise the opponent team and get some points. Switching from normal to quick spikes can help you surprise the team and beat them. However, do them both to get the best results!

Volleyball T.2- Blocking The Opponent Spike

To successfully block the ball, jump a little bit after the opponent jumps to spike.

The second, and not less important to remember is to be always prepared to bump in if the spikes from your team are being blocked, or if they continue playing after you have blocked block.

Always take the center position when you are not spiking to easily catch the ball as soon as possible.

Chambara T.1- Stay Calm And Foucsed

Main rule when playing the game I to stay calm and don’t hit thousands of times when losing control. Focus on your defense but don’t the same defense mechanism for too long so your opponent can’t predict your next move.

When they are blocking you (mostly horizontal), go in their direction to make them fall in the water and you can beat them.

If you get to the final match where sides of the arena drop-down, just don’t take the first swing and be even more focused on your defensive tactics. 

Chambara T.2- Choose Your Sword

You can choose from these three options. If you want to maximize your power use the Charge Strike which rewards blocking and gives a charge attack.

Using the Twin Sword is also a great choice because you can always surprise your opponent with one of the swords and make your offense much stronger.

Until now there aren’t many benefits from using the basic sword.

Tennis T.1- Turn Your Body To The Side When Doing The Swing

To feel like you are in control just turn your body to the side, instead of always standing forward.

Timing has also his role when swinging because too early or too late swings, can make the ball go high in the air and your opponent will take that as an advantage to take the point.

Quick serving the ball can get you some great points. The best way to serve is to start the swing just before the ball hits its peak since it gets a little bit of time for the rocket to get there.

Tennis T.2 – Pay Close Attention To The Location Of The Ball

This is an already known tip, but it’s better to remember not to return the ball if it’s headed out of bounds.

Direct your swings to send the ball to the opposite side of your opponent so they don’t get the chance to send it back to you.

Remember to control the swing strength, and be aware of the field you are playing on because the ball hops differently from each field.

Bowling T.1- Choose Your Spot

When it comes to bowling you can try and see what fits you best, but I will recommend some hitting spots for the right and left-handed people.

If you are right-handed hit the spot shown on the following picture:

And if you are left-handed try hitting this one:

Curving your throwing can be good, but don’t curve the hit too much because you can miss the aim completely.

Badminton T.1- Stay Calm And Use The Drop Shot Effectively

Like all the other sports played with balls, timing is also important. Be aware of the fact that hitting the ball earlier can throw you down on the floor and until you get you can lose the ongoing game.

Same as in Volleyball, send the ball on the opposite side from the opponent so you don’t let him to strike you back.

Also, stay calm when you are receiving the ball and stay in the center so you can quickly respond and catch the ball.

For All Sports T.1- Always Have Fun

No matter what you are playing don’t forget to have fun, enjoy the game and don’t get frustrated if you are not winning. Hope these tricks and tips will help you improve your sports skills in Nintendo Switch Sports.