No Mans Sky: Squadron Guide (How To Get Matching Ships)

Check out this Squadron Guide to figure out how to get matching ships in No Mans Sky!

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No Man’s Sky is an absolute masterpiece when it comes to being in space and controlling your own Squadron. How to control a Squadron and get them with matching colors?

Well in this guide we will be discussing just that. How to get matching ships as well as a full Squadron Guide for No Man’s Sky. Let’s get started.

Squadron Guide (How To Get Matching Ships) – No Mans Sky

To start off this guide make sure that you have your own Freighter. You can also do this guide without having an S-class so worry not.

Go to your Manage Fleet terminal. Here you will want to select the option of Manage Squadron.

Once you open this a window will open and reveal that you will have 4 slots in total to place your Squadrons. Make sure that you have a good source of Nanites(resource) at this point of the game because the Squadron can become quite costly.

You will then unlock it and you will be able to have a total of 4 pilots for your Squadrons.

You can customize how these pilots will be and of course what types of ships they will be piloting. Make sure to choose matching ones for better outlooks!

Also, make sure that they have the weapons that you want them to have! Better equipped pilots mean better and stronger squadrons. So don’t go light on their equipment.

Then you can go to Corvex for example, or any station around, and just wait for a Pilot to land. Proceed to go next to them and interact with them.

Once you talk to them you can check their stats. Once you are satisfied with someone’s stats and you want him inside your squadron, you can press this button here and he will join you.

Just make sure that they do not have any negative traits. Yes, pilots without negative traits do exist in No Mans’s Sky.

Once you recruit a pilot he might change completely. His appearance might change and his stats might change too. Sometimes this is a good thing – meaning that they might become S Class or something they might be worse.

This is how you’ll have your Squadrons. To get matching ships you will want to visit this website here. It will allow you to find similar ships that you want and then buy them.

Just look for the names of the ships and buy the ships that are most similar to the names of your ones. This is how you’ll get the most similar looks for your ships.

That is it! We hope that this guide helped you learn more about the Squadron in No Man’s Sky. Have fun picking your pilots!

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