Summon the first boss right away.

Omega Crafter is an open-world crafting game with some survival mechanics to keep you entertained. Aside from the adventure-exploration side of the game, you also get to fight cool monsters and bosses. The first boss is a boss that you want to keep farming for quite some time which helps you unlock cool recipes like the Forge.

Without further ado, here is a quick and informative guide to show you how you can summon the first boss in Omega Crafter.

How to Summon the First Boss In Omega Crafter

When the icon for the first boss appears on your map, you can’t simply travel to the site and expect the boss to appear. Instead, you need to have the appropriate summoning materials.

Green Tokens

These green tokens are available to loot in the black towers. You need two (2) of them to summon the boss at his shrine.

TIP: Equip the green tokens in a slot so you can easily press the key assigned to the slot when you reach the shrine.

HP Requirement

It’s one thing to have the right summoning material.

Beating the boss is another matter entirely. Essentially, you want to make sure you level up your character. Attempting the first boss fight with the base 25 HP is reckless and greatly reduces your chance of success.

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