Core Keeper: Omoroth the Sea Titan Boss Fight Guide

Time to see what Omoroth the Sea Titan Boss has to bring to the table in Core Keeper the newest Sunken Sea Update!

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Core Keeper has just officially released the Sunken Sea update and it came filled with a ton of new content that players can enjoy. Part of this content is the newest Omoroth the Sea Titan Boss that you can explore in the new Sea biome.

This guide will show you all you need to know about Omoroth the Sea Titan boss in Core Keeper – Sunken Sea Update!

Core Keeper: Omoroth the Sea Titan Boss Fight Guide

As you continue exploring the newest sea biome, you will stumble upon a circular area which is an arena where Omoroth the Sea Titan is located.

The arena will have a bunch of stone platforms which you can stand on, and water to walk around.

Go to the middle of the arena where some waves can be noticed. To get the boss out of the water, you will need to have a fishing rod and lure him in.

Throw your line into the waves and wait for it to make a small splash, after the splash, pull your rod and Omoroth the Sky Titan will ascend from the waters.

The giant arena will be his place of movement. He will sink in the water and switch areas. On each changed location, the boss will begin spawning different mechanics in order to defeat you.

His first mechanic will make him spawn a bunch of tornadoes the will move to your direction.

Don’t stand in one place as he will also be able to spawn a couple of tails around you which can slam you and deal damage.

For this fight, it’s ideal that you are using ranged damaging weapons, or even spells that will help you defeat the extra tails and do damage to the boss as you move around. Staying in one place will get you killed quickly.

When the boss reaches 50% health, he will enrage and turn red. With the boss now being enraged, he will move around the arena much quicker and spawn more and more tornadoes and tails that will damage you.

Those are all of his mechanics that you need to watch out for. Once he is defeated, he will explode and spawn a great loot chest for you to loot and see all the new items for the Sunken Sea Update!

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