Wondering how to cross the Desert near Nanohana in One Piece Odyssey? Check out this guide for a quick walkthrough!

One Piece Odyssey by ILCA and Bandai Namco Entertainment is a turn-based role-playing game with a lot of exciting things for players to discover and enjoy.

One of the things that players will encounter and be challenged with is the Ravine of No Return maze, the maze that leads to the Desert near Nanohana. So, for this guide, we will walk you through the maze in order to cross the Desert near Nanohana.

How To Cross The Desert Near Nanohana – One Piece Odyssey

Before we begin, were you able to complete the Hungry Navi Bird Side Quest? If you have not yet, we suggest that you complete it first because the pink bird will guide you through the Ravine of No Return maze.

Otherwise, if you proceed through this guide, we will share with you the route that will lead you out of the maze.

So, here’s how you can cross the Desert Near Nanohana:

Once you are inside the Ravine of No Return, proceed to the route on the east. If you have completed the Hungry Navi Bird Side Quest, the bird will be on top of the statue and will face that direction.

When you arrive in the area with multiple exits, proceed to the west. The Navi Bird will be facing that direction as well.

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The next exit should be the one in the north.

You are almost there. The next exit should be on the west.

Once you reach the area with purple crystals, proceed to the east. Continue to follow the path to the east.

You will then arrive in an open area with an NPC. Here, you should proceed to the east.

Following these directions will lead you to the Nearby Desert Exit.

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