Check out the 5 Best Early-Game Weapons in Outward Definitive Edition!

Outward Definitive Edition is not just a visual overhaul, but naturally combines the new mechanics and features from Outward and both DLCs. Besides the new weapons, dungeons and DLCs unique mechanics, you can also expect quality of life improvements. Armor up and get stronger as you can enhance your weapons, trinkets, and armors through the enchanting system. The game have very amazing weapons to choose from, but some might take a very long time to get.

In this guide, we will show you the 5 Best Early-Game Weapons in Outward Definitive Edition!

Outward Definitive Edition: 5 Best Early-Game Weapons Guide

We listed 5 weapons for you that don’t require too much effort to acquire and are very strong.

Mertin’s FirePoker

This weapon can be found in the Enmerkar Forest. You will have to enter the cave and make your way to the opposite end to come out to the Berg area. You will have to come to the center of the map, on the island, where you will find another cave with the entrance to an old big tree.

Inside the cave, you will have to make a little exploration to find the weapon. We recommend you to avoid all the monsters inside the cave because they might easily kill you.

This weapon doesn’t look that crazy at first glance. Looks pretty cool but the damage is not high. What makes it strong is that it will set your enemies on fire. After 3 to 4 hits you will begin to burn your enemies doing a lot of damage over time.

Also, it has one of the highest attack speeds for one-handed maces, making it nice for players still getting used to the dodge windows.

One of the best weapons to start with as you don’t have to fight and get to burn enemies without any potions or skills.

Dreamer Halberd

You have to find NPC called The Friendly Immaculate to get this two-handed halberd. Need to talk with the NPC in 4 different regions: Enmerker Forest, Chersonese, Abrassar Desert, and Hallowed Marsh. Once you meet and talk with the fourth NPC you will get the Dreamer Halberd.

It is an extremely strong weapon that has range and insane power. It does ethereal damage that only a couple of enemies in the game are resistant to. The running attack on this Halberd is not the best but its special attack is super fast.

You’ll enjoy this weapon very much due to its crazy damage.

Strange Rusted Sword

This is so fast weapon to grab in the entire game. It is located in the Chersonese. Make your way to the giant Conflux mountain.  On top of the mountain simply grab the sword sticking out of the stone.

The strange Rusted Sword is insane for mages but good for anyone utilizing elemental rags as well. It inflicts elemental vulnerability which makes enemies take 25% more damage to elemental attacks.

A beginner mage with a flamethrower can inflict this and really do some damage or you can switch to a different melee weapon once status takes effect and watch your opponent drop.

Using rags on this sword would work too giving you many options to de-power your enemies and deal more damage at the same time. The sword has also very fast running attacks which all beginners should be using until they learn the combat a bit more.

Unusual Knuckles

For this weapon, you will need to head to the Vigil Pylon in Caldera, the volcanic region. Check the marked location on the map below.

We recommend not to fight absolutely nothing in this region because everyone can kill you.

You will have to come to the top of the hill where is a building with a locked gate. You will have to pull the lever at the opposite building in order to unlock the gate.

Once you pull the lever, go back to the previously locked gate to get the Unusual Knuckles.

This weapon can actually be upgraded to become really strong. However, the upgrade is not easy to do during the beginning of the game.

Knuckles are actually broken in this game because they attack so fast and have so much impact on each hit that they knock down your enemies almost every time you hit them.

The rapid attacks hit hard and can decimate your foes before they can attack. Unfortunately, this is the only weapon on the list that doesn’t do something cool like burning or elemental damage.

It’s mostly here because it requires zero fighting and does nice damage for the beginning to mid game.

Horror Spear

This weapon requires some skill to pull off. It can be crafted using some easy game exploits, but there will be a few times you need to be careful.

Head to the Cabal of Wind temple and you will have to enter the temple. Make sure to avoid the enemies there because they are still so strong for you.

 In the temple, you will have to collect 2 predator bones and horror chiftin.

After that, you will have to get some occult remains and one palladium scrap. Luckily, there’s a palladium vein just outside the temple to the right.

Once you have all the required materials, go back to Berg and buy yourself an iron spear. Craft iron spear, two wangs, and a linen cloth together for a fang spear.

Then craft the fang spear, horror chitin, palladium, and occult together for the Horror Spear.

This entire process is very quick as all the materials are right next to each other.

This weapon is super strong. First off, it inflicts extreme poison which deals a lot of damage over time. It has lots of physical damage as well as poison damage to give you something that murders all early to mid-game enemies in only a few hits.

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