Want to figure out which are the 5 items that never made it to the game? Check out this guide!

Outward Definitive Edition has a ton of items that can be obtained by killing different monsters and even completing various quests. The game has created a debug mode where you can do pretty much everything there. The mode is mainly used so that you can get un-stuck from areas and continue playing.

This guide will show you the 5 impossible-to-get items in Outward Definitive Edition.

5 Impossible to get Items – Outward Definitive Edition

Fidget Spinner

The Fidget Spinner was a trend in 2017 and everyone had one. In the game, a fidget spinner was also added, it didn’t have any special features apart from the fact that it looks funny.

The fidget spinner replaces a chakram in the game. As they both spin in the same spot.


In Outward Definitive Edition there is a boss named Calixa. This tanky boss uses a mace gun that shoots out bullets and also is able to hit you with it. The developers have added this weapon in the debug server and players can only play it there.

On the public servers this is impossible to get.

Ghost Sword

This is just a regular sword that has no special features. The looks of the sword itself are unique, it has that ghost look that separates itself from all other swords.

Ghost Armor

There is an amazing great-looking armor in Outward Definitive edition that will make you look like a ghost. This armor set does not have any good stats, it just looks cool.

Combine it together with the Ghost Sword, and you will have a fully ghosted character that you can play around with.

Test Weapon of Dooooom

The Test Weapon of Dooooom is a simple sword-looking weapon that has 10.000 damage and 35 impact. This is a weapon that you can destroy anything with, and it stays in the name, created for testing purposes only.

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