Check out all the mini-bosses in The Abrassar Desert and how to defeat them in Outward Definitive Edition.

Outward Definitive Edition is an open-world game filled with a ton of monsters on various maps. The Abrassar Desert map is a giant area that has a total of 8 different mini-bosses. These mini-bosses are helpful in this game as they will provide you with great equipment and help you level up your character much quicker.

This guide will show you a list of all 8 different bosses in the Abrassar Desert map and how to defeat them in Outward Definitive Edition.

All Mini-Boss List/Guide (The Abrassar Desert Map) – Outward Definitive Edition

Bloody Alexis

This mini-boss can be found inside the Undercity Passage after you’ve exited the Levant. Enter the area and continue following the path, halfway through your path, you will notice him standing around the area.

For this boss, you will need to have a shield and a quick attacking weapon. Try to defend yourself as much as possible from this boss and take the fight slowly. He deals a ton of damage.

Executioner Bug

The Executioner Bug can be located inside The Slide entrance. Enter the area from where the wrecked ship is located. Take the first left as you enter the area and grab the key that is placed on the floor.

Once the key has been received, go right and enter a structure. Pull the lever to open the door and continue going forward. As you follow the path, you will stumble upon the mini-boss in this area.

Try to block and use quick attacks immediately after the bug has attempted to defeat you.

Guardian of the Compass

The Guardian of the Compass is located in the Walled Garden. There is a giant tree around that area, there you will find the mini-boss roaming around the area.

This is a slow attacking mini-boss, making is a fairly easy one. Simply run away after he tries to attack you and follow up with a few attacks before he attempts to hit you again.

Luke the Pearlescent

Luke the Pearlescent can be found in the ruins of the Old Levant. You can enter this area only once you’ve completed some of the faction quests.

This mini-boss is easy to defeat, he has a small attack range. Just get a large weapon that can have a further reach and defeating this boss will be done quickly.

Sand Rose Horror

This mini-boss can be located inside the Sand Rose Cave. As you enter the area, you will encounter a few bandits and there will be a lever that you need to pull on the left side of the area. After you are done with that, go through the railway and take the first right.

Move down the path until you enter a room filled with corruption, that is where you will find the mini-boss and defeat him.

A simple duel will win the fight with this mini-boss. Just try to drag him outside this room and go up to the small path where there is no corruption. Fighting the boss inside the corruption-filled room will be hard and may end up killing you.

The Last Acolyte

The Last Acolyte mini-boss is located inside the Stone Titan Cave area. Get down in the ruins of the area and the mini-boss can be seen roaming around.

This is a difficult boss. His main weakness is lightning. Prepare your weapons and your stats with extra lightning damage to be much more effective while you are fighting.

Thunderbolt Golem

The Thunderbolt Golem mini-boss can be found inside the electric lab area. Enter the dungeon and use the elevator to go down.

This next step is tricky, take the next elevator to go down and dodge halfway before it makes a full stop. Just then you can get to the mini-boss.

To defeat this boss, you just need to use a spirit varnish. This will help you eliminate the mini-boss quite easily.

Virulent Hiveman

The Virulent Hiveman is located inside the Ancient Hive dungeon. Take the path on the left and continue going down until you reach a big arena with many smaller monsters, including the mini-boss.

Attack the mini-boss and all the other monsters with fire as it weakens them and it deals damage overtime.

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