Check out this guide to find out the locations of all pets in Outward Definitive Edition and how to catch them!

In Outward Definitive Edition you have a ton of interesting things that you can do. Filling up your collection album with all the pets to keep you company during your adventures is a great way to fill up some time. All of these pets are stranded in various locations and require a lot of investigation for you to obtain them.

This guide will show you all the pets and where to located them in Outward Definitive Edition.

All Pets Guide & Where to Find Them – Outward Definitive Edition

In total there are 12 pets that you can obtain. Each of these pets will require you to reach a certain point of the game if you want to unlock them.

To access these pets, you need to head over to your skills tab and open up the Cosmetic Skills. In this tab, you will find all your available pets.

NOTE that these pets are only for cosmetic purposes and they do not give you any additional bonuses.

Here is a list of all the birds and how to obtain them in Outward Definitive Edition:

  • Pearlbird (You obtain this pet automatically when you start the game)
  • House Hippo (Obtainable once you’ve purchased the Three Brothers DCL)
  • Veaber (Obtainable Once you purchase Definitive Edition)
  • Cutthroat Pearlbird (Obtain a bird egg from a nest outside Cierzo and place it inside a Legacy Chest, you will then obtain a Black Pearl Egg. Right Click it to learn the skill)
  • Crescent Shark (Interact with the fish statue in Cierzo between 15:50 – 16:00 to obtain the pet)
  • Blade Puppy (Obtainable by defeating the Jade Lich (The Plague Doctor) in the Hallowed Marsh Swamp biome)
  • Golden Watcher (Obtainable by defeating the Gold Lich (The Light Mender))
  • Daughter Medyse (Enter the Sulphuric Caverns and take a left until you enter a blue room. You will need to die in that room to obtain the pet and encounter a unique death scenario)
  • Kid Calygrey (Enter the Calygrey Arena in Caldera. Win 3 fights in a row to obtain the pet)
  • Mini Manticore (An End-Game pet that requires you to get a Manticore Egg. The Manticore egg can be obtained once you have Vendavel’s Hospitality, Scourge’s Tears, Noble’s Greed, and Calygrey’s Wisdom. All of these materials can be obtained by defeating arena bosses.)
  • Severed Obsidian (Obtained once you complete the newest quest line where you need to build the town and make sure that the pit does not fill with lava)

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