Check out this beginner guide for Outward: Definitive Edition!

Outward Definitive Edition is a complex game that won’t show you anything to do. You simply enter the game and start playing without any information, this sometimes is great for players who love a challenge, but can also be difficult for ones who don’t like the game to be complex and give them a hard time. Knowing the basics sometimes will help you get through the game much quicker.

This guide will show you all the beginner tips and tricks you need to know about Outward: Definitive Edition.

Outward Definitive Edition: Beginner Guide


Every time you are planning on exiting your town and going on an adventure you will need to be prepared. Preparing yourself with a set of potions, and survival items will help you stay alive for much longer than usual.

Try to sort your smaller and lighter items in your pockets which hold less weight, and put the heavier and more important materials in your satchel.

Stamina and health potions will be the most essential items in your inventory, try to get some buffing potions or effect-clearing brews that will keep you alive.

Holding onto some arrows will come beneficial if you place yourself in a messy situation where you can only attack from a far.


Crafting in this game is one of the best things that you will use to make upgraded gear and some high quality foods or potions.

As you progress through the game, you will learn more recipes that will get saved on the left side of the crafting menu which will come helpful if you forget what materials were needed for a certain item.

Almost all of the recipes can be found on the Outward Definitive Edition website.

To earn a recipe by yourself, place some random items in the blank spots and craft them, once you have placed random materials for a craftable item, you will obtain the crafted item and obtain the recipe for it.

Resting & Repairing

Resting between each adventure and repairing your gear is essential for this game, without it, your survivability will be close to 0 chances of surviving.

Keep an eye on your Health, Mana, and Stamina bars. They are the small circles on the left bottom side of the screen.

You also have 4 more effects for your character that you need to keep an eye on to make sure his health is okay, they are:

  • Food
  • Drink
  • Sleep
  • Corruption

Go to any of the beds in your base to sleep and rest to replenish your sleep meter. The water and food meters are simple, drink water and eat foods to replenish them.

The Corruption meter for the beginning of the game is not that important. You will begin to track it until you reach late-game.

To check the durability of your equipment, simply press on them and you will see a small bar which will notify you how much durability you have left on that piece of equipment. If the durability runs out, the equipment will have no effect.

When you rest, you also have the option to repair your equipment. Try doing this almost all the time to make sure that your gear is fully repaired and you are rested.


The backpack will be important for any time of the game, the backpack will carry all the materials that you have collected throughout your journey. As you start the game, you will begin with a small one and slowly upgrade it to a bigger backpack with more holding capacity.

Each time you head out to complete a mission or do a dungeon, you will collect materials. These materials can be sold to vendors for gold, or used to craft special items.

If you leave your backpack on the ground for some reason, you can always find it on your compass. There will be a small bag icon placed on the compass which will lead you there and allow you to obtain your stuff.

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