Let’s learn all the best early-game items you can get in Outward Definitive Edition!

Outward: Definitive Edition is a game that can sometimes be difficult for beginners. Knowing some of the locations and ways to obtain the best Early-Game items will be helpful and allow you to go through this game much smoother. Progressing through missions and taking on strong bosses in the beginning will be a piece of cake!

This guide will show you the best early-game items to obtain in Outward Definitive Edition.

Outward Definitive Edition: Best Early-Game Items To Obtain Guide

Here is a list of some of the best early-game items that you want to obtain in Outward.

Halberd & Skill

In the beginning, you will definitively have trouble with the used weapons because they are weak and staggering.

To win the battles easier I suggest you go with the mace which can be slow, but when used with the shield will stager quickly.

If you want to have even a better weapon I suggest you use the Halberd.

Go to the blacksmith and grab iron, then go talk to Burac Carillon about the equipment for the moon swipe skill.

After you have finished the conversation you need to go out and kill some hyenas to get the combination of 2 predator bones and one linen hyena cloth. You can get them with the iron halberd.

Moon Swipe Skill

What I have to say about this skill is that can’t benefit you much by itself but adding the enrage and focus will become powerful.

If you just swipe the halberd around isn’t very effective add one push kick and double your attack to finish your enemy.

However, by adding extra power your swipe will get you better results.

The Scholars Circlet

In my opinion one of the best helmets in Outward, especially for beginners.

Here are its characteristics:

  • Impact Resistance +3
  • Hot Weather Def. +3
  • Mana Cost -10%
  • Cooldown Reduction -10 %
  • Durability 165/165

The -10 percent Mana Cost is very nice, but the -10% cooldown will increase your speed as well as your push kick. Even if you aren’t getting much resistance, no worries you can cover that with your armor offset.

To enchant this, you will need light particles. So grab the circlet from the alchemist in Cierzo and you will start increasing your strength.

Blue Sand Armor

To get both the boots and the chest plate you need 7x Blue Sand and to pay extra 600 silver coins. This is a little expensive to get at the beginning.

However, the boots and the chest plate offer incredibly high resistance and increase the protection to keep your character alive.

To get the armor, first go on the beach fight the shrimps, kill the man that was attacked as your tribal favor and get yourself asleep because you will need to go to the cave shown below, which is only available at night.

Collect the loot and the blue sand inside.

Again go onto the beach and collect all the fish and blue sand in front of you.

After you have gotten the blue sand and the fish, go to the T. Cave above Cierzo to get the loot, the shield and the giant heart placed here because they are very valuable.

Go back to Cierzo to sell the loot and give the heart and the shield to Hellen Turnbull. Also, get some silver from Looting C, and you will be able to buy the chest plate.

To get the boots you may need to wait or go to the Blacksmith and wait to craft them for you.

Mefino’s Trade Backpack

It has the biggest capacity (110) of all the backpacks available for this game.

If you make changes to Loot drops you can have him at the beginning. For that, you will only need 2 power coils which are easy to get in the Definitive Edition.

To get the coils, farm out a supply of caches or sleep in town for seven days which will get you a second chance to collect them.

You can find some caches: Right of Cierzo, Right of Cierzo, Near The Exit To Hallowed Marsh, Near Light Menders Old Cave, Near Vendeval Fortress.

Head to the Montcalm Panda Camp, fight the enemies and get your backpack from the first wooden room on your left.

Purity Potions

To get rid of the corruption, you will need the Sanctifier Potions made from the floating creatures- elementals and can be found at the Alchemist Shop, but I suggest not drinking those.

It’s a trap for the beginners, so instead of drinking them, craft them with elemental particles, in combination with a sanctifier potion and an alchemy kit will give you 3 potions that decrease corruption by 50%.

2:29     Scholars Circlet

3:34     Blue Sand Armor

5:37     Mefino’s Trade Backpack

6:46     Purity Potions

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