Would you like to learn more about your passive skills from your class in Outward? Then check this guide out and I will cover up how to become better and master you class!

Outward is a game that released in March of 2019, it is an open world RPG game which is mainly focused on survivability. It is a nice game to enjoy by yourself but offers the possibility to play with your friend by CO-OP. It has been released throughout every platform. Outward has many skill trees to choose from but today we are going be talking about the Specialist skill tree.

This guide will show you the best passive skills in Outward Definitive Edition

Best Passive Skills Guide – Outward Definitive Edition

How to get the Specialist Skill Tree

The specialist skill tree gives you several option to choose from but I’m going to cover up all of them and explain how you can make the best use of them.

Before I get into details you will have to get the Combat Academy upgrade for this arena in order to have access to get your list of skills. In order to find in you just must take your time and read about it in the achievements.

This upgrade will give you access to your specialist trainer Justin Garnet.

Make sure not to get every skill at once because it can weaken your damage. The best thing to do is to focus on two of them at a time and make the best use of it.


What cruelty does is that it focuses on DOT (damage over time) effect. As you can read it down below. If you like to attack your enemies then wait for them to die slowly then this is what you should choose.

It can be a good mechanic if you stick to it from the beginning. I suggest you to use it with a bow because it prevents you the need to get close to your enemies to attack them, you can just stay far away and do the job nicely.


Patience skill is not that complicated to understand because it basically gives you weapon skills damage increase. Your normal attacks and your special attacks will be lowered by a small percentage. This build is best to be used with a weapon that uses weapon skill and the best choice is a dagger.

The dagger is a weapon that only uses weapon skill damage. You can eliminate your foes in one single blow if you find yourself a strong dagger.


Acrobatics skill increases your dodging and rolling distance. If you’re wearing a backpack it won’t be that big but when not your rolling distance increases massively.

If you are in a situation of danger don’t worry that one roll and you will be very apart of your enemies. This skill improves your survivability and it is a great combat skill which many people find useful.

It can also help you with travelling because you become a rolling ball BUT be careful because acrobatics increases the stamina used so in order to reduce this to the normal stamina cost you will have to have rogue engineer skill tree.


This one is a bit complicated to explain because for this one you must completely rely on your sigil placement build. What it does it that increases the speed of the sigil placement and increases their duration, but it cuts out 25hp.

You literally lose 25hp for the use of the unsealed skill. For me this skill is a bit unnecessary because with a little bit of practice you can learn to manage your sigil placement and know when and how to put them down before a fight.

It still looks cool to be able to use all your sigils in an instant.


Brains is a go to build if you were never about physical damage but instead use magic! What it does is that increases the damage done by your elemental weapons skills, it can be a very strong build if you combine it with a weapon that uses elemental damage you can do outrageous amount of damage from afar.

However, it increases the stamina cost of your abilities. The best weapon choice for this is the Sceptre of the Cruel Priest. If you like the gameplay of a mage then opt for Brains passive skill.


Brawns is the best passive skill in my opinion, it makes you a machine of destruction. This skill gives you increased stamina by 25 and physical damage by 25% but it lowers your elemental damage by 40%.

You won’t even feel the decrease on your elemental damage because most of the builds in Outward deal physical damage and the fact that your stamina is increases by 25 it can prove very useful in combat. You will have more stamina to perform dangerous attacks!

The best way to combine Brawns is to take Patience because both increase physical damage.


To get your passive skills in The Specialist tree it will cost you tokens. These tokens are called conquerors medals. Every skill cost 3 medals which you can get by defeating champions in the arena. So, get ready!

Sharpen your blades, tighten your bows because some it these fights, will definitely give you a hard time and will challenge every bit of you!

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