It's time to get your Fabulous Palladium Shield in Outward Definitive Edition!

Outward Definitive Edition offers much newer and better gear to choose from. There are some extremely good looking items that you must own.

In this guide, we will be talking about one of them – the Fabulous Palladium Shield and how you can get it. Let’s get started.

Fabulous Palladium Shield Guide – Outward Definitive Edition

This Fabulous Palladium Shield can be only found in the Swamp or the Hallowed Marsh regions.

You will need to leave from the Giant’s village and then take a left until you reach a very large rock.

Once you get to the large rock you will want to take a left as shown in the picture above. While going to the left you will want to cross the broken bridge that is placed inside the water.

Just be wary, because when crossing this bridge, you will fall down into poison and get big debuffs.Bring some antidotes or multiple healing potions.

When inside you will need to find some Gemstones to be able to enter the cave. You will need:

  • Tiny Aqua Marine
  • Large Emerald
  • Hackmonite
  • Medium Ruby
  • Small Sapphire

These are not at all easy to get Gems so you’ll need to look for them first. Keep in mind that this is a very good investment because the Palladium Shield is simply amazing and you’ll want to have it in the long run.

They are very easy to find in the mid-late game, but if you’re pretty early in the game, you will have a rough time.

Then you will enter the cave and dungeon. There are multiple enemies inside that do range and melee damage alike. The thing is they don’t do a lot of damage but they come in big groups. So use AoE skills to take them down.

Then once you kill all of the enemies you will find a dead adventurer next to the light lantern. You can walk up next to him and simply loot him. This is how you get the Fabulous Palladium Shield.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get this shield. We hope that this guide was helpful and aided you in this task. Good luck!

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