Outward Definitive Edition: Gilded Shiver of Tramontane Guide (How to Get)

Do you want to get one of the prettiest daggers called the Gilded Shiver of Tramontane in Outward Definitive Edition? Well, this is perfect guide for you.

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Outward is a great game that features a ton of missions and hidden pieces of equipment that your character can complete. The Gilded Shiver of Tramontane is a great weapon that any player can obtain if they follow the correct steps.

This guide will show you how to get the Gilded Shiver of Tramontane in Outward Definitive Edition.

Gilded Shiver of Tramontane Guide (How to Get) – Outward Definitive Edition

Before we start:

Before you pick up this dagger, be aware that this is a Caldera Dagger and it will be miserable to obtain if you don’t have access to New Soroko. This is another late game item but, you should consider legacy chesting it for a new character which will help out a lot.

Gorotto of Chalcedony

This place is very hard to miss because of the Giant Blue Crystals, that are sitting next to mostly Volcanos.

Make sure to have a Militia Hammer on hand. This is the Two Handed Mace that can be dropped from a lot of chests in Caldera.

After you’ve taken the Hammer, enter the Grotto.

Once you’re inside take a right and avoid the bealtes and other enemies. After you’re going on that path take a right next to this purple crystal.

After that you need to go down this bridge.

And go left when you see the blue gliding creature.

Then you go forward and on another bridge you can see some enemies. You can go past them, or fight them off.

Then you keep going forward.

And on in the rocks you can see the dagger that is stuck there.

How to retrieve the Scarred Dagger?

The scarred dagger can only be retrieved with the Militia Hammer.

After freeing the Dagger you can leave the cave.

Crafting the Dagger into something better:

After you take the Dagger, you can craft it into something better. For crafting you will need Diamond Dust and Flash Moss.

After that you officially have the Glided Shiver of Tramontane. This weapon deals pure gold damage and it has a massive amount of impact for a dagger.

The best part of the dagger is that it has Slow Down at 60%, Crippled at 45% and Hampered at 35%. All of these stats slow the enemies and make their attacks much easier to read.

We really hope this guide helped you.

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