Outward Definitive Edition: How to Create Tokebakicit Fist Weapons (Upgraded Unusual Knuckles)

Check out this guide to see how you can upgrade your Unusual Knuckles to Tokebakicit in Outward Definitive Edition.

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Outward Definitive Edition is a third-person adventure game where you need to explore the free world and complete different objectives to get to the end of the story of the game. When you start this game, you are not well equipped with gear and need to start working on your character to be well prepared for future fights.

This guide will show you how to upgrade the Unusual Knuckles weapon and get the frosted Tokebakicit weapons in Outward Definitive Edition.

Outward Definitive Edition: How to Create Tokebakicit Fist Weapons (Upgraded Unusual Knuckles)

This upgraded version of the unusual knuckles weapon can be obtained during late-game. To begin this journey, you need to travel all the way to the Vigil Pylon area and begin traveling south until you find a lava pool and some stairs that will lead you to a castle looking structure.

On top of the stairs, you will see an entrance to an area that is blocked by a locked iron bar gate. To unlock the gate, you need to go to the other side of the castle and pull a lever to unlock it.

Once you unlock the gate, you can enter the small area and collect the Unusual Knuckles which are placed on the right side of the room.

To continue the weapon upgrade process, you will need to finish the Faction Quest at Berg to get a letter for the three brothers DLC quest.

Completing that quest will unlock Sirocco and allow you to trade materials.

To trade materials with Sirocco, you will need to collect mining samples which you can obtain by mining unidentified ore veins.

With the samples obtained, head back and trade with the merchants to obtain:

  • Chromium Shards
  • Bloodroot

Once you have the Chromium Shards and Bloodroot. You can open up your crafting station and place the Unusual Knuckles and materials to craft the Tokebakicit.

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