Time to obtain the best Early-Game Armor for Outward Definitive Edition!

Outward Definitive Edition is a third person adventure game where you need to explore the free world and complete different objectives to get to the end of the story of the game. When you start this game, you are not well equipped with gear and need to start working on your character to be well prepared for future fights.

This guide will show you how to get the best Early-Game Armor for Outward Definitive Edition.

Outward Definitive Edition: How to get the Best Armor in Early Game

To begin this journey, you will need to wait until night fall and rest.

Enter the Chersonese area and begin traveling southwest until you reach a beach. In this area you will find all the materials required for this armor set.

It’s best to farm these materials during night fall because they are easier to spot, also try to avoid any monsters that you see, don’t engage into fights.

One of the crafting materials that you will obtain for the armor set is “Blue Sand”.

Continue making your way towards the south side of the beach and look for more blue sand materials. Blue Sand has a random spawn and it will not be only on one specific location. You can find many different blue sand areas that you can farm.

The next area that you want to visit will be located at the beach, specifically on the Cliffside from where you enter the beach. The Starfish Cave will be the area where you will need to enter.

Inside the Starfish Cave you will also find a few more gathering points filled with Blue Sand. There is also a beast inside this cave that you need to watch out for. It deals a ton of damage and can kill you quickly.

Once you’ve collected enough Blue Sand, you can head back to the village and speak with Loud-Hammer who is a blacksmith. He will create armor pieces for you.

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