Outward Definitive Edition: How to Obtain the Shriek Spear (Poison Spear)

Want to learn how to obtain the Shriek Spear in Outward Definitive Edition? Then read the instructions given in the guide!

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During the game, you’ll be able to fight with different spears. However, you won’t get the same effect from all of them. The Shriek Spear is just one more spear on the list you’ll need to get. It’s one of the most powerful weapons in the game, not just because of its sharpness but also because of its poison effect. If you want to learn how to obtain this spar then their several things you need to do.

How to Obtain the Shriek Spear (Poison Spear) – Outward Definitive Edition

1. Caldera – Find The Ark Of The Exiled

First, you need to head to the Caldera place and search for the Ark of the Exiled – a large walk-in boat placed on the edge of the area.

Around the map, there will be several different stations in this area, and it’s good to know that all of them can unlock different areas of the ship.

You need to choose the section wisely because if you enter the top you may not be able to enter the bottom. In that case, you’ll need to go outside again and enter the bottom section.

You need to memorize that the boat will change the docking stations every few days so if one day the entrance from the bottom is on the left, the next day may be on the right.

2. Tips Hot To Control The Change Of Dock Stations

To try and succeed in controlling the change of the dock stations once you enter Caldera search for some of the oil pumps that are available there.

Or just go directly to the Oil Refinery, located on the top of the mountains.

You may face some battles once you enter the refinery, and once you did with that plop a plant tent to refill your food and energy.

 Rest and sleep on night day. Try to repeat this multiple times, and that way you’ll notice that the boat is moving every day clockwise. (Usually moves every 2 days)

Make sure to use this technique before you start the town building and with a plant tent only because it’s possible to move some things around the shops or other objectives in the town.

3. Enter The Underside Loading Docks

Once you’re done with changing the position of the dock, go back to the boat and enter the underside loading docks placed behind the docking point.

Once you’re inside you’ll be able to notice some poison gas floating in the air and three creatures located in the same place.

Once you’re done with the medusa battle (it’s not always necessary) go to the glowing circle located on the other side of the ship.

If you haven’t docked the ship properly you won’t be able to find this circle because it won’t be there, and once you solve the puzzle head to the poisonous gas era with your tumor armor on you and start stepping on the yellow crystals located on the floor.

Here is the order in which you need to step on the yellow crystals (if you’re looking down the stairs from the entrance):

  • Top right
  • Bottom Right
  • Top Left
  • Middle
  • Secret Door ( where the rusted spear is located)

Once the secret door is opened you can get the Rusted Spear.

Once you got this spear it’s time to leave the underside loading dots, and when you do that be sure to go up through the ladder into the arc of the exiled and pull levers.

  • One to open the elevator from the second floor
  • Two to open the room and get another weapon

4. Enter The Sulfuric Caverns – Increase Weapon Power

This one is located next to the E. Forest, just hop on the hill.

Go straight to get some more yellow gas.

Once you’re inside in the middle enter the right room there, and be prepared because on a creature with a big head will be spewing there and you may need to face him.

Choose the proper weapon and hit hard to release the wanted spear strength.

Be prepared for the worst because this little shriek spear advantage will for sure turn into something dark afterward if we consider the fact that it has the medusa protection.

5. About Shriek Spear

Once you end all of the said above, you’ll be given the shriek spear.

One of the most powerful weapons in the game that can fast up your enemy’s death to even 1 second. They will die faster, will need much more energy to the fact of this spear and will for sure be scared of it.

It can cause really hard physical, decay damage or even a plague to the enemies, and if we add the poison effect on the top there isn’t a way to fight against this spear.

Do not use it for too long because you’ll become its victim as well. After some time you may start falling from the poison’s effect. (Up To 100 decay resistance)

Until now, the Tumor Armor has appeared like the most competitive in combination with this spear so I suggest you wear it while using this spear.

Several areas may increase this spear power even more. Be sure, you won’t regret getting this spear.

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