Let’s learn all Legacy Chest Locations and their use in Outward Definitive Edition!

In the whole game, there are 4 Chest legacies and all of them are in different regions and areas. The reason why you need to find the chests is to transfer the great gear from inside them to the other characters. To do that faster and collect the items inside the chest follow this guide and discover the places where these chests are hidden.

Outward Definitive Edition: All Legacy Chest Locations & How To Use Them

#1 Chest Location- Chersonese

This one is located in the first region where you start the game. You need to visit the town named Sierzo which has a storage in the back and many hidden items there.

As the road is leading you, you will see the first chest right in front of you. It will be locked and you have 2 options to unlock it:

  • Do the first blue Chamber Faction Quest (you will instantly get the key)
  • To Stop All 3 Warlords At Vendavel

Once you come back to the Sierzo back store you will be rewarded with the key to the chest.

This is one of the easiest legacy chests to get and here are the advantages of the items inside:

#2 Chest Location- Hallowed Marsh

You need to head to Light Mender’s Spire in the Hallowed Marsh.

Once you’re inside you will need to pull some lavers and put them in one way.

Do the same with the booth small and big levers on the second platform.

After you have done all of that go back and enter the portal to teleport yourself.

Pull the small lever that’s next to the other portal between two enemies.

Try to avoid the upcoming fight and pull the last small lever.

Go back to the entrance and this time turn right to enter the door that’s now unlocked.

Enter the small room and pull the last small laver.

Again, use the teleport circle in the middle and pull the big lever into the room you have teleported yourself.

Whit this you will unlock the next portal hidden on your tight from the last big lever.

Hop on in and transport yourself to the second legacy chest.

#3 Chest Location- Abrassar Desert

This can be challenging because of the upcoming creatures you need to fight with. Enter the wrecked ship in center of the desert.

Go left until you come to the corner to get the key.

Go back to the entrance and open the door there with the key you took back there.

Once you’re inside hold the laver and head downstairs. After you came down you need to pull 2 more levers.

You will find the chest in the room with the enemies from the beginning ad you may need have to win some battels.

#4 Chest Location- Enmerker Forest

You will find this one In the Vigil Pylon in the forest.

Go inside and pull the lever behind the chest.

You will also need to teleport yourself. Each Gravestone is a portal that will send you to another gravestone.

I forgot to mention the ghosts, there will be one ghost per teleport.

Your task is to go into the correct number of tombstones to teleport yourself to the red moon.

Go Left-Straight-Left-Left-Right-Straight!

Enter the moon and you will see the legacy chest. Get some fire resistance to get rid of the creatures behind you.

The Use Of Legacy Chests

Here is the list of items that can be upgraded  when you find all of the legacy chests:

  • Arcane Set- White Arcane Set
  • Barrier Set- Manawall Set
  • Black Plate Set- Orichalcum Set
  • Clansage Robe- Red Clansage Robe
  • Damascene weapons- Masterpiece Weapons
  • Elite Desert Set- Master Desert Set
  • Kazite Light Set- Shadow Kazite Light Set
  • Kintsugi Set- White Kintsugi Set
  • Militia Weapons- Vigilante Weapons
  • Wide Blue Hat- Wide Red Hat
  • Steel Sabre- Cerulean Sabre

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