Outward Definitive Edition: Money Farming Guide

Want to know what’s the best way to start farming money in Outward Definitive Edition? Check out this guide to find out!

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Outward Definitive Edition is a great open-world game where you begin an adventure with your character and build him to become one of the strongest warriors to ever live. Farming money in Outward is great if you want to speed up the process!

This guide will show you how you can start farming money in Outward Definitive Edition.

Money Farming Guide – Outward Definitive Edition

This money farming guide cannot be performed at the very start of the game.

You will need to be well equipped for this journey because a strong boss will await you who carries 5 gold that you can obtain.

The boss that is the reason for this money farm is the Tsar Warrior (Concealed Knight).

The Concealed Knight will be available to any player once they’ve managed to complete their Faction Quests. Upon completing the faction quests, head over to the docks at Cierzo where you will find a small boat at the docks.

Once you’ve interacted with the boat, you will be sent to an island that looks like someone has created a place to live for themselves, which is obviously the Tsar Warrior.

This boss is strong and packs a ton of damage. The only downfall to the Tsar Warrior is that he is slow and his attacks can be easily dodged.

Simply attack the boss after he has landed a strike towards you to be as efficient as possible with your hits. You can always have a long weapon with more reach to play safer and secure the kill.

After you’ve killed the boss, 5 gold will be guaranteed and some other valuable items that you can sell for money.

To re-spawn this boss, you will need to wait 7 days to pass and he will be available at the given location.

Go to any safe-point and rest for 7 in-game days to re-spawn this boss and farm money!

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