Outward Definitive Edition: Newest Quest & Epic Shield Guide

Check out this new quest and epic item for Outward Definitive Edition.

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Outward Definitive Edition is an adventure game where you are adventuring through a ton of lands and you will encounter various missions which will grant you items that will upgrade your character. Upgrading your character and continuing to progress through the main story of the game will help you get to that sweet 100% game progression much easier.

This guide will show you the brand new quest and epic item introduced to the Outward Definitive Edition.

Outward Definitive Edition: Newest Quest & Epic Shield Guide

This is a short quest which won’t take much time. You need to start your adventure at the Cabal of Wind Temple.

You need to enter the temple, be careful of the one mob that is circling around the entrance, he can be easily avoided. Enter through the giant hole on the ground and you need to get killed by the mob that is inside.

In Hardcore mode, you can get killed and it will not count as a death. Meaning that you can also perform this method in Hardcore mode.

Once you get killed, a golden spirit guardian will be summoned and protect you through your journey.

The guardian will not last long, try to escape the temple by avoiding all the monsters. You will find a set of levers that you need to pull to unlock gates and go through them.

Once you are outside, you will need to begin the second step of the quest, which is heading over to the docks in front of Berg. When you reach the end of the docks, you will reach the golden ghost guardian which you can speak with.

After your dialog is done with the ghost, continue going to berg and run up the stairs where the entrance of the blue chamber room is. Don’t go inside, make a left and take the exit of the town.

Walk forward where the path leads you, which will grant you passage to the ancestor’s resting place.

When you get inside the area, you will enter an open room which you will need to take a left and interact with the altar.

Once you interact with the altar, you will get the message from the yellow ghost that he has finally found his resting place, a vase will be placed in the area and you will be given a shield that has magic engraved in it.

The shield is called “The Will O Wisp”.

This is where you will complete the mission. The Will O Wisp is an amazing-looking shield with some interesting abilities.

  • This shield will weaken enemies (-40% Damage and Impact Decrease)
  • This shield will grant you +7% Lightning Damage

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