Outward Definitive Edition: Top 5 One-Handed Swords

Want to know which are the top 5 one-handed swords in Outward Definitive Edition? Check out this guide to find out

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In Outward Definitive Edition there are a ton of weapons that players can use. Each of these weapons has certain stat points that can benefit you and change your playstyle. There are 5 weapons that separate from the rest of the weapons. Knowing the best one-handed sword to use will surely allow you to be the best warrior in the game!

This guide will show you the top 5 one-handed swords in Outward Definitive Edition.

Top 5 One-Handed Swords – Outward Definitive Edition

Cerulean Sabre

The first step of obtaining the sword is by looting the steel sabre from the Banditos. After you’ve obtained the steel sabre, you will need to place it inside a legacy chest. After this, you will obtain the Cerulean Sabre.

The sabre offers the following stats:

  • Damage 33
  • Impact 24
  • Attack Speed 1.0
  • Stamina Cost 4.55
  • Durability 300

Radiant Wolf Sword

If you take the Holy Mission Faction Quest. Once you reach to the part where you need to negotiate with the priests in the lotus flower. You will find this part of the quest at around the third mission of the quest chain.

Failing the negotiation will give you a different set of quests which will end up rewarding you with the Radiant Wolf Sword.

This sword will deal pure holy damage and it also comes with the following stats, they are:

  • Damage 34
  • Impact 25
  • Attack Speed 1.0
  • Stamina Cost 4.725
  • Infinite Durability

Maelstrom Blade

This weapon can be obtained by killing bosses and obtaining boss materials that can be used to craft various items, including the Maelstrom Blade.

The weapon applies confusion to enemies, making them deal less damage to you they will be stunned most of the time.

The Maelstrom Blade comes with the following stats, they are:

  • Damage 43
  • Impact 30
  • Attack Speed 1.0
  • Stamina Cost 4.9
  • Effects: Confusion
  • Durability 400

Gep’s Blade

This is the fastest attacking weapon in the game that deals Ethereal blast damage on impact. Ethereal damage is the one type of damage that many enemies have 0 defense against.

To obtain this weapon, you will need to go to Caldera and explore different areas that you can loot stuff and get a side quest which you need to complete and obtain Gep’s Blade.

Craft the weapon with 3 Gep’s Drinks and you will have the Gep’s Blade.

The weapon comes with the following status effects, they are:

  • Damage 22
  • Impact 25
  • Attack Speed 1.2
  • Stamina Cost 4.9
  • Effects: AoE Ethereal blast on hit
  • Durability 300


The best and number 1 sword in the game is Brand. To get this sword, you will need to head over to the Conflux mountain and craft the Rusted with different materials.

This weapon deals both physical and frost damage. Making it great both for melee fighters and casters.

The sword comes with the following stats, they are:

  • Damage 20 Melee and 20 Frost
  • Impact 27
  • Attack Speed 1.0
  • Stamina Cost 4.9
  • Effect Chill & Pain
  • Durability 425

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