Check out the Top 5 Tents to Use in Outward Definitive Edition!

Playing Outward Definitive will bring you to a point when you will need to use some of the tents that the game is offering to the players. Some of them are really pretty cool and it is worth having them on your list.

This guide will show you the Top 5 Tents to Use in Outward Definitive Edition!

Top 5 Tents to Use – Outward Definitive Edition

Plant Tent

This tent is sold by Soroborean Caravanners for only 8 Silver, which is extremely easy to find and purchase. It refills your hunger and drinks while resting, similar to how house and in beds work.

You will additionally get a buff after waking up that increases your Hot Weather Defense by +10, which is pretty helpful for the deserts to deal with the heat.

The only downside that the Plant tent has is that it can’t be picked back up, and it is only a one-time to use item.

Camouflage Tent

This is a more survival-like tent, which is meant to blend with the surroundings. It can be bought from Shopkeeper Pliel and Berg for a reasonable 50 Silver.

Sleeping in this tent will reduce the chance you will be ambushed which is very beneficial in caves. You also get a buff that makes you 5% more stealthy and decreases your stamina cost by 10%.

This tent is highly recommended for Roguelike builds as you can’t go wrong with more stealth.

The Mage Tent

You can buy this tent from Sewell and Levant for 100 Silver which is kind of pricy, but it is pretty helpful to mages as sleeping in one reduces the amount of burnt mana you have after sleeping and offers a buff of -15% mana cost.

Not only it’s fantastic for mages, but melee builds can use this tent to make magic skills much more accessible to them without taking more mana

Luxury Tent

This tent can be bought in many different towns but, but also can be found on the second floor of the Dead Roots Cave, protected by an Immaculate. It is quite expensive costing, 200 Silver.  

It offers a -20% stamina cost buff, which makes it one of the best on this list. This is the highest buffed stamina you can get from a tent and it comes in handy for any build type.

Calygrey Bone Cage

This beastly tent has a chance to be found in Arc of Exiled, Oily Cavern, or Steam Bath Tunnels in Caldera, making it much harder to find than many other options.

Sleeping in this tent gives you an amazing buff that increases your physical damage by 10% and gives you 0.25 health regen per second. This health regen is more than you might think and will let you fight many different things without using healing items.

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