Oxygen – First Breath: Housing Guide

Check out this guide to learn all you need to know about housing in Oxygen - First Breath.

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Build your city around the Oxygen Center to help your people survive in a future where crack explosions, deadly winds, droughts, and frosts are a threat.

In this guide we will be talking about the importance of Housing in this game. Let’s get started.

Housing Guide: Oxygen – First Breath

In Oxygen First Breath you will get a whole plethora of things to do. You might get confused and right out scared of how complex this game can be. But that isn’t really the case. The biggest thing that you should be worrying about in this game is the Housing.

You will need to start out with a very good and proper Housing system. Once you have enough Housing, you will have everything going smoothly in the game.

There are a total of 4 housing choices that you can choose to implement in your base. This is all of them:

Container House

The Container House is something that you will be starting out in the game with. It is easy, simple, and very common. That is why making them will be a piece of cake with only 20 construction points to spend.

Because it is such an early item to build and very cheap, it won’t give you a lot of benefits either. You will get a total of 4 Inhabitants that can be staying inside.

You should be building as much as you can early on because in the early game you might be getting a lot of Inhabitants that you won’t be ready to house yet. So if you have room for them, it will mean that you will get more profit in the long run.


Then comes the Shelter. This is a very good item to have because it comes right after the Container. Once you will unlock it, you will probably be using this housing option the most.

It costs very little and gives a total of 8 Inhabitants, which is surprisingly a very good amount of people when you are pretty early on in the game. You will of course need to research with a total of 100 tech points.


The Duplex is a medium-sized living space that can house a total of 6 Inhabitants. It does cost a whole lot more than the Shelter and it can shelter 2 fewer people per housing. You might be thinking that it is a useful housing option.

Well, if you are going to want to house as many people as possible, yes, it isn’t very good. But this Duplex house is very good for its low energy consumption. It will automatically turn on the oxygen generators.

Also, it provides very good and better defense for the houses, but that is why it comes more costly to make. Only make it when you are in an abundance of supplies. You will also need 600 tech points to unlock it.


The Apartment is the last housing option available for you to build. You will unlock it building in the mid to mid-late game. It is a very good option to use as housing as it provides you with a total of 12 Inhabitants. It is the building that you will want to build the most of.

It will consume a total of 5 energy, which isn’t a lot considering the number of people it can inhabit. It will require a total of 650 tech points to unlock, but since you will be in the mid-game you will be having no problem getting this number.

This is the best housing option in this game. We highly recommend going for it.

If you want a good tactic for the best housing, you will want to build your Apartments in the middle, which are going to be surrounded by the Duplex. This way you will get way more protection in the Apartments.

That’s everything that you need to know about the Housing in Oxygen – First Breath. We hope that this guide has helped you out a bit with it. Happy housing!