Want to know how you can produce water in Oxygen - First Breath? Check out this guide!

Oxygen – First Breath is a game where you will be in a deserted place with completely nothing at all to start with. You will have just a limited amount of resources, a couple of Inhabitants and it is all up to you to begin building a base that will last for a life time.

The best way of building a base is by having water. In this guide, we will be showing you How to Produce Water. Let’s get started.

How to Produce Water – Oxygen – First Breath

One of the most important things that you need to know about Oxygen – First Breath is the water. You will have a whole set of Inhabitants that will live on your base. To fuel them up and keep them alive you will need to give them water.

There are just a couple of ways how to get water in this game. You will have to produce it by building the Water Purifier. You will wind it under the resource tab in the Build section(usually when you press the build button in the middle of the screen).

When you select this building you will need to place it on the shore of a lake or river. Then once placed there you will have to put a total of 4 workers on it. We recommend that you keep the water buildings fully manned at all times.

Then once you have placed it you will begin producing water. You can see how much water you are currently producing and how much you need to actually satisfy and hydrate all of your inhabitants on the top left corner of your screen.

Once you progress through the game you will get other Water buildings. Some of them are better than this starting one. We recommend going for the one next to the sea as it can provide you with and produce the most amount of water.

That’s everything that you need to know about Producing Water in Oxygen – First Breath. We hope that this guide has helped you out a bit with it and helped you hydrate your base. Good luck!

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