Even more glitches to break Palworld!

Palworld is one of the best crafting games where players can play together in a multiplayer mode. Like many other games, Palworld is not perfect, and there are plenty of glitches. If you want to know some of them, we have selected the Top 3 Glitches that you must know if you are playing this amazing game.

This guide will show you the Top 3 Glitches You Can Use in Palworld!

Top 3 Glitches You Can Use – Palworld

The patch in Palworld is released and it comes with some new content for the players. Together with this come some of the glitches that are always good to know about. Also you can use it as an advantage in the game.

In the list below, we will show you the top 3 glitches that we selected for you in Palworld.

Infinite Butcher Glitch

There is only one requirement for the Infinite Butcher glitch. You need to have a Meat Cleaver and a Pal with a Pal Saddle.  

It can be obtained at level 12 in the technology tab. This glitch can be done in the early game as long as you can reach level 12 and obtain the item.

The pal saddle can be crafted at the Pal Workbench, and it can be done with any pal.

To do the glitch, you just need to summon your pal, choose the butcher option, and when you hear the second butcher strike, you have to hop on top of your mount.

What you will notice is that you will obtain some materials. Then you will be able to keep the pal that you just butchered. Then you can just repeat the same process, summon your pal again and hop on top of it.

Loot Glitch

The only requirement for this glitch is that you need a pal that can rush toward another pal or another merchant and push them off.

It needs to have the ability called Reckless charge which will allow you to rush toward pal or any merchant.

Once you have your pal, you need to locate the Icy Weasel Hill. Then you have to follow the path and go all the way to the top until you reach the Astral Mountains.

At the top, you will see a guy called Black Marketeer. You just have to rush toward this guy and he will fall down the cliff.

Then he will suffer some damage, and you just have to keep on hitting him until he’s finished. Then you can collect all the loot. After that, you can fly anywhere else on the map and it will completely reset the Black Marketeer.

Just make sure you have fly far enough from the location, then get back and he will be back there again. Just repeat the same process and you will be able to pick up another loot from him.

Launch Pal Glitch

For this glitch, you are going to summon your mount and then try to get on top of your mount while trying to send it back into the sphere.

If you do it correctly, it will launch you straight up in the air and you can continuously go up as far as you possibly can. There are not any benefits from this glitch, but it looks cool and it’s fun to try out.

You have to know that after you try to dismount your pal while you are in the air, you will be automatically respawned it one of your bases which means that this glitch can be useful for some reason.

That’s it! Now is your turn to try some of the mentioned glitches above, and enjoy the game even more. For more helpful articles like this, simply just stay tuned with us.

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