Want to learn the easiest way how to climb any Surface in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet? Then you’re at the right place!

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet have implicated different types of abilities that will appear during the game. So, as I said during the game you’ll have many options to move and reach the wanted destination.

If you’re having trouble reaching the wanted destination because you still don’t have the Tower climb travel power or the other power that will help you do that, here is one tip on how to climb any surfaces in this game!

How To Climb ANY Surface – Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

 The main thing it’s to focus and get on the path of a legendary story, that’s the same path that you’ll go with Arvin and help him to defeat all of the Titans there.

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And you’ll as well need to take note of how many titans you defeat and based on that you’ll be given different items.

For example, if you defeat 4 titans, you’ll be able to feed the ‘’ride-buddy’’ sandwiches 4 times and each other time he gets more power and the ability to climb quicker.

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