In this guide we will show you where to find Sandy Shocks in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet!

Sandy Shocks is 9th generation pokemon which seems to have first appeared and exclusive only in Pokemon Scarlet. Sandy Shocks is an electric and ground type pokemon with a striking resemblance to Magneton which causes everyone to think that Magneton is its ancient relative.

In this guide, we will show you where to catch Sandy Shocks in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet!

Sandy Shocks Location – Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

One of the notable differences in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet from the previous Pokemon games is the open world mechanics that has been added to the game. This means that there is a vast new world out there and a large map.

Finding Sandy Shocks is actually pretty easy. All you need to do is go to Research Station 1 in the crater to find Sandy Shocks.

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When you reach Research Station 1, just head outside to find Sandy Shocks among the pokemon scattered around the area.

You can easily spot Sandy Shocks between the rocks when you go outside.

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