Let’s find out where to find the Golden Larry in all Postal 4 locations

One of the collectibles in Postal 4 Is to collect the Golden Larry’s, and to save your time this post will help you to do it faster. If you collect all Golden Larry, you will successfully accomplish the task and get closer to the 100% game progress. There are many locations you need to visit to get your Golden Larry’s, follow this guide and get them all in just a few minutes.

Postal 4: All Golden Larry Locations

You can find the first one on the place shown down on the map.

When you arrive there you should go closer to the door on your left side.

You will see the Golden Larry lay down on the floor.

The next location you should visit is also shown in the following picture.

After you have arrived you need to climb the steppes and enter the door.

Turn left and go up on the second floor.

The first door you see, after turning right, needs to be opend.

When you entered this room, you should open the door from your left side. Watch out when opening because there will be a woman standing there.

After you finish your battle with the old lady, you can collect the second Golden Larry located left from the women.

The third Golden Larry is located in a place shown in the next picture.

After arriving on the street there, you should go straight and turn left, behind the graffiti wall.

You will find your Golden Larry between the group dancing women’s.

Next, you should go to a different location shown on the map.

Go down the road and enter the old broken house from your left side.

The Golden Larry will be standing right in front of you.

Next you need to go on a place shown in the following picture.

You should enter the white house on your left.

Then you should go through the kitchen, turn left and climb up the stairs.

Once you are on the second floor enter the room form you left side.

You will find your Golden Larry staying on the window.

Your next location will be in the following place, as summarized in the picture.

For this one, you will need your climbing rope, which needs to be hung on the right side of the house in front of you.

Once you are up you should go straight.

You will see your Golden Larry there waiting for you to pick him up.

The next location is marked in the following picture.

Once you are there, you need to hop on the vehicle, so you can easily hang the hook.

You need to hang the chain on the left side of the house.

After you have jumped on the rooftop you will see your Golden Lary.

One of the Golden Larry’s is in a place located above the river like is shown on the map.

Not much to do here to collect the Golden Larry, you only need to jump on the vehicle and take him prom the ceramic roof.

You should continue to walk on the roof straight to come to the other side.

There will be another Golden Larry waiting for you to pick him up.

Your next Golden Larry is located East on the map in the marked location.

Go up on the stairs to get on the wall.

Once you are there turn left behind the wall.

Now you can hang the hook and climb on the top to get your Golden Larry.

Almost done! Your next Golden Larry is also located in a place marked in the following picture.

Walk on the side wall and climb the building construction located on your left.

When you are up, again you go left to come across another building construction you need to pass.

Continue straight truogh the wooden palette and jump on the right to get yourself on the balcony.

Now that you are on the balcony, go straight and stick yourself to the wall an carefully walk on the side bricks.

When your side-wall walking finish you need to enter the balcony, then continue straight where the balcony finishes.

Next you should be stick yourself to the wall again, and follow the arrows on the picture so you can reach the final destination.

When you are there go up on the stairs from your right side.

 Once you climb the stairs to the top, turn left and you will see your Golden Larry.

And it’s time to go to this place marked on the map in the following picture, and collect the last Golden Lary.

When you arrive there go straight from the left side of the pool and turn right.

You will se an old kitchen and big rocks behind sink.

Jump and get yourself above the rocks.

When you are up, just turn around and you will se a black-roof platform and jump on it.

You will se your Golden Larry on the edge of the platform.

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