Postal 4: How to Vote For Governor

Let’s learn the procedure to correctly Vote For Governor in Postal 4!

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One of the things listed on the To-Do List in Postal 4 is to attack the governor. It is important to finish this task right and to be careful because it can be difficult to enter a fully secured building and accomplish the want. Follow the directions and instructions written on this post so you finish this quest much faster and easier.

Postal 4: How to Vote For Governor

First, you need to go to the place marked on the following picture:

When you arrive there, enter the Government Building which is standing right in front of you.

Once you are there, turn left, and on you will see a military-designed box in which you need to put your weapon before entering the metal rounded door.

Enter the first door on your left.

Climb the stairs and go trough the opened door in front of you.

Walk carefully and silent because there will be two bodyguards standing there, walk behind them.

Go a few more steps straight then turn left.

On your right side there will be two doors. I recommend you to  first enter the second door, and then return to the first one because there will be another standing bodyguard in the room.

Form the second door you need to grab the backpack standing on the desk from your left and the ticket standing behind the door on the book shelves.

Then go to the first located door grab the machete, and quickly exit the room, go the same way back because the bodyguard will start chasing you.

Now you need to enter the room where the Governor candidate is speaking.

Next, you need to go calmed by the speaking stage to the next room and collect the bulletproof west and take your position for attacking the governor.

Because there will be many bodyguard, after starting the fight you need to go back in the first position from which you have attacked because on your left will be an escape door.

Once you enter the door, there will be attached stairs that will be leading you through an underground cave. At the end of the cave, there will be an entry in one Winery from which you can escape.

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