POSTAL Brain Damaged: All Weapons Showcase

Check out All Weapons Showcase in POSTAL: Brain Damaged!

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POSTAL: Brain Damaged is a spin-off title in the POSTAL series. Referred to as a “BoomerShooter”, the game is mainly inspired by classic FPS games such as “Doom” and “Quake”. The levels are pretty large and the movement is smoother than mainline FPS POSTAL games, with a retro inspired graphical aesthetic. The weapons are intentionally zany with unique alt-fires that makes the gameplay really amazing.

In this guide, we will show you All Weapons in POSTAL: Brain Damaged!

POSTAL Brain Damaged: All Weapons Showcase

Pistol MK420

It has a single shot with precise shooting pointer.

 The pistol can lock a target and the bullet will follow it.

The third mode is dual wielding.

Super Hooker Shotgun

This shotgun deals massive damage, it shoots 2 bullets at once and has huge pellets spread.

It also has a dual wielding.


This weapon shoots, which is precise even on long range.

With the second mode, it throws a blue orb that can shift time to whoever enters it.

The dual wielding is pretty amazing and shoots very fast.

Rocket Launcher

It is basically launching a rocket that has massive damage and explodes on impact.

With the second mode, it throws a bomb that explodes after a couple of seconds and has a big AOE.

The dual wielding mode is mental. Two big rocket launchers shooting rockets and destroying everything in front of them.

BFG 69000

It’s a laser shock assault weapon that deals continuous damage while it’s in contact with target.

With the second mode, it shoots electro brain that explodes on impact.

With dual wielding mode, it can use only the laser shock.


An old-school machine gun that uses bullets. It shots very fast and has an accurate range.

With the second mode, the weapon transforms and you can set a target, while shooting on the side the bullets will follow the exact target.

The dual wielding mode can be used only for the normal bullet shooting.


This is the most fun weapon in the game, only because of the sounds that it makes. It is actually a bow that shoots penetrators.

It has also a dual wielding mode that shots 2 penetrators.

Cat Launcher

This weapon is total madness. It’s launching cats to any surface and target.

The Showel

It is actually a showel that has a chainsaw at the end and cuts everything that it touches.

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