Potion Permit: 4 Ways To Make Money Guide

This guide will show you how to make money as Moonbury’s resident chemist in Potion Permit!

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All money-making methods in Potion Permit are unlocked as you advance in the main story by completing quests and earning the villagers’ trust. There are few methods that will earn a good amount of money if you know what to do.

Here are four ways you can earn money in Potion Permit. Read this guide to know more!

4 Ways To Make Money Guide – Potion Permit

Treating Patients

Along the main storyline, you will have to cure a villager named Rue. Once you complete this quest, random villagers will begin to get sick and ask your aide to cure them.

Treat them at your clinic and you will be rewarded with payment.

Successfully treating a patient turns your Trust from a thumbs down to a thumbs up.

This enables you to interact with villagers.

This method is the most straightforward that this guide can recommend. However, if you are trying to get a certain amount of gold in a restricted period, this cannot be the most dependable.

The gold you get varies from each patient and the frequency of people wanting your aide is random.

Part-time Work

With the interaction enabled, a small cut scene will play when you enter a building to introduce its function.

There will be three buildings in town that will have the part-time work feature available – the church, the police station, and the post office, which is located inside the town hall.

Every day you can spend two in-game hours to play a mini game and get a 125 gold as a reward.

  • Church – grape-crushing by rapid button pressing
  • Police Station – ink bottle-sorting into 2 different piles
  • Post Office – box-folding using arrow matching

This method seems tedious but can be really helpful especially when you are in dire need of cash. This offers 375 guaranteed gold a day from the three buildings that offer a part-time job.

Bulletin Board

Once you have completed the quest Clean Up the Unknown Residue, you will be able to unlock the Bulletin Board in the Town Hall.

The Bulletin Board contains quests that you can complete which refreshes once a week, every Monday.

These quests will make you complete a small task or turn in items in the Dropbox in front of the Town Hall in exchange of gold and other small consumable items.

This is also not very reliable since not every task will guarantee a gold payment. However, every board request you find in Town Hall will pay you a decent sum for completing and turning in the requested items to the Dropbox outside of Town Hal

Selling Potions

In order to sell potions, you will need a mailbox in order to ship your potions to the capital. Colin from the association will return to you and fix your mailbox.

This will allow you to sell six potions a day and unlock more when you upgrade your mailbox at the carpenter shop.

This is the fastest way to make money but you have to be careful in spending your ingredients. Keep a consistent stock for all your potions and you will be fine.

And that’s four ways to make money in Potion Permit! You can select which suits you or your monetary needs best,  or do all four to maximize income generation.