Potion Permit: Can you play Co-Op? (Find Out!)

Here you can find out if you Can Play Co-Op in Potion Permit

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Potion Permit is a small and very interesting game where you will be an alchemist who is crafting Potions for a lot of people in small villages and forests.

In this guide we will be talking about whether can you enjoy this fun little game with your friends in Co-Op mode. Let’s find out.

Can you play Co-Op? (Find Out!) – Potion Permit

Potion Permit is a single-player game that will have you thinking that is multiplayer because of the many interesting and fun characters you’ll meet along the way.

But for some people, this isn’t enough and they want to enjoy the game Co-Op.

This is what the developers have said about the multiplayer or Co-Op aspect of it for the future:

‘’We are sorry to say that there are currently no plans for multiplayer or co-op play, but be assured that we will let you know if this ever changes.’’

No, you cannot play Potion Permit in Co-Op mode. We are sorry to be the bearer of bad news if you just found out about it.

But it doesn’t mean that it will stay this way forever! So if anything changes in the future and the developers decide to surprise us with anything, we will be the first one to let you know. So until then, stay tuned!

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